New & Used Car Engine

New & Used Car Engine

New & Used Car Engine complete, Sub-Engine, Block, Cylinder Head and the related parts are available.

We are distributing the good quality Brand New, Used and Remanufactured car engine and T/M in the world market. We are sure that once you have experienced our expertise, our level of service, the quality of our experience, you’ll agree there is no better source in the industry than us.

Brand New & Used Car Engine

Complete New & Used Car Engine comes with carburator/fuel injection, manifolder, distributor, flywheel... All New & Used Car Engines check up their working condition before shipment by our professional technicians.

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Remanufactured New & Used Car Engine & Other Parts

New & Used Car Engine, Transmission, Starter, Alternator, A/C Compressor, Drive Shaft, Rack & Pinion and so on.

a. Remanufacturing Car Engine and Cylinder Head
Sub Car Engine assy(Long Blocks with cylinder head cover, timing cover and oil pan) and Short Blocks (Block assy with crankshaft). Car Engines are not rebuilt, but remanufactured to the highest quality standards. We can supply automotive, light truck and big commercial truck and bus and combine precision machine work with quality parts. All wear parts are replaced or machined which are doing by only experienced technician.

b. Short Block Remanufacturing Procedures
* Complete car engine disassemblied, Piston rings, bearings, timing belts, plugs,.. are discarded
* Cleaned by thermal and chemical, Car Engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft..
* Sand blasting
* New & Used Car Engine block crack inspection
* Grinding & polishing, Crankshaft and camshaft (replaced to new one if no good)
* Boring & horning of cylinders and new sleeve applied
* Block resurfacing
* Assembled precisely.

c. Sub car engine assy remanufacturing procedures include above
*Remanufacturing of cylinder head
*New or remanufactured camshaft
*New oil pan, c/head cover, gaskets, bearings, belts, pumps, seals..

For maximum reliability, we only use top quality parts.

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