Generator & Industrial Engine

Generator & Industrial Engine


We are in a position to supply a Generators and Industrial Engines, Korea auto parts, developed by Hyundai’s high technology. Korea used auto engines are equipped with high-efficiency Turbo Charger and up-graded for a generator and industrial use. So they are a new concept of large output, low fuel-consumption and environment friendly. Also power unit engines can be used for Construction Equipment, Agriculture Equipment, water Pump Engineering and so on and also available Natural Gas Engine for Industrial use.

We carry all the Korea car parts you need to make you Korean car look good again at a fraction of the new car part cost. We deal mainly with Kia auto parts, Daewoo auto parts and Hyundai auto parts.

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Modern internal combustion engines are finely tuned machines for providing automotive power. While the engine is usually discussed as a single entity, it is in fact the sum of many parts. Car engine parts include the cylinders, in which the fuel is burnt to create power for the wheels, valves, which let fuel in and exhaust gases out, and spark plugs, which ignite the combustible fuel mixture.

Over the lifetime of a vehicle, various engine parts for any car will need replacing from time to time. Sewon Auto Corp. stocks a huge range of car engine for Korea used auto engine parts

Engine for Generator
* AG49, Stand by Power : 27kw/1,800rpm
* AH23, Mechanical Type, Stand by Power : 18kw/1,500rpm
* AH23, Electric Type, Stand by Power : 24kw/1,500rpm

Engine for Pump
* AH24A, Installed Alternator : 34-35ps/1,500-1,800rpm
* AH49A, Installed Alternator : 53-60ps/1,800-2,100rpm

Power-unit Engine
* AG50, 65ps/2,500rpm : 20.2kg.m/1,600rpm
* AG50S, 70ps/3,000rpm : 16.7kg.m/3.000rpm

Natural gas Engine for Industrial use
Power : 4ps/1,800rpm
Total Displacement : 1,975cc

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